COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY {BAILEY + MICHAEL WEDDING} As we were setting up for the wedding on Friday we were chatting, like most women do, and Bailey’s mom said something pretty profound to me. “Oh there was no doubt she was booking you. I even tried to talk her out of it because it was a big chunk of her wedding budget and we just thought she could use that money for something else. But there was no changing her mind.” Gracious am I ever grateful that Bailey didn’t listen to them and allowed my team to still be part of her day!

An overcast and breezy Saturday morning, the dust was just barely stirring in the outdoor roping arena in Gallatin, Tennessee. Saddles lined the wall and horses nickered and stomped in their stalls. It was a simple yet picturesque setting for this cowboy style wedding. A custom built dance floor was surrounded by strings of lights. Bright white table cloths flap in the wind while simple antique brass candle sticks and bottles with sprigs of fresh greenery sat perfectly in the middle. Bailey and Michael had one request, keep it simple. They wanted their friends and family to simply be in the moment with them more than they wanted anything. I believe event styling company, Truly Styled completely captured their vision.

As their family gathered for the private ceremony around the custom built arbor adorned with white roses and greenery and of course completed with an authentic cowhide rug. The flower girls dropped petals from the cowboy hat and the bride made her grand entrance on the arm of her father wearing the most gorgeous dress from The White Room Lebanon. Michael told Bailey just before they walked down the aisle that there were to be no tears but Bailey was definitely teary eyed as she came around the corner, face to face with her Groom. The very short ceremony {8 minutes to be exact} ended with lots of clapping, tears and even some shouting. They are married!

We sneak away for some couples photos and the rest is history…..

venue: Crain Ranch

styling: Truly Styled

caterer: Our Table Catering

dress: The White Room Lebanon

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